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Please welcome Kristopher Zook as our new Governor!

The Doris Lenz Scholarship winners have been chosen! Click on the link for more information
Doris Lenz Scholarship Winners 2018

Our Accompanist Directory is up and running. Click here for the directory. If you'd like to be listed, or know someone who does, send contact information to njnats@njnats.net.

Our online listing of Summer Vocal Programs has been updated.

If you have a program you'd like to see included, send information to njnats@njnats.net


For the latest information on all upcoming NJ NATS and NATS auditions, click here.

**NEW** Register for NJ NATS Festivals online at www.nats.org!

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The 2018 Festival of Singing was on February 17th, 2018 at Rowan University

For the 2018 Festival of Singing winners, click here.

Minutes from the latest chapter meeting
February 18, 2017

National and Regional Events:
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